This is the collection of Cross-references from our ‘Living Books’. They take between 5 and 40 minutes to read and are all self-contained in that they can be read whether you have the books or not. Enjoy!

A hundred years of headlines

Cross-reference from the Prologue and Chapter 8. News coverage of the entire history of the South African nation and some of  the history of the Western World must of necessity require more of your attention and time than any of the other Cross-References on a...

‘Arme blankes’ problem

Cross-reference from Chapter 4. SOUTH AFRICAN HISTORY has conspired to ignore one of the chief reasons for the rise of Afrikaner nationalism and Apartheid’s aggressive actions against, not only the black races, but against all other ‘outsiders’, including ‘die...

SA at War – a gap in social history

The racist inner-war in South Africa during World War 2 has never been adequately recorded, perhaps because of its complexity. It was a racist war waged by extremists.The majority of Afrikaners sided with the Engelse in fighting on ‘England’s side’. A minority indulged in insurgency (terrorism) and sought to link with Hitler. They lost, and the extremists finally took over South Africa. It was then that racism changed its colour. This cross-reference deals with these issues.

Thomas Pringle

Cross reference to Chapter 7. Man of Many Colours Pringle stood on one leg; his other life-long shrivelled leg dangling; his crutch pointing ahead as he surveyed the poort, the formidable mountain pass, at the entry to his new home. Pringle’s party, after six months...

Battle for Moorosi’s Mountain

It is an epic which is as dramatic and brave as any recorded military clash in Southern Africa’s history. It involved three stages of armed, hand-to-hand combat and months of sieges. It resulted in no less than three Victoria Crosses being awarded to volunteers involved in scaling a cliff-face on long ladders, under heavy rifle fire. It led to the death of a famous chief and many of his warriors who defied the sons of Chief of Moshoehoe… It treads on the prejudices of South Africans of all colours. Yet very few are aware of this historic ‘civil war’.

History of African journalism

Where to find an adequate history of the origins and actions of South Africa’s first professional journalists, seeking to tell the truth as seen through the eyes of several different African cultures? You might begin here.

A politician too good to last

This cross-reference explains why U.S. President Gerald Ford served such a short term. He was bent on reconciliation. History is unlikely to be kind to him for this. It may even forget him. Yet it is worth considering that he should be revered for being one of world’s least ambitious, most honest and kindest leaders.

It’s not nice, killing people

The multiple hangings in Pretoria’s goal in the 1950s, were a curse that affected the gaolers as well as the families of the men who were gagged on the gallows and left kicking on the scaffolds until dead. This South African experience of the death sentence (still sanctioned in several parts of the world) became the subject of a film released to the world in 2016.

The question is: ‘If X, Y, Z?’

Dr Alfred Xuma (X as in Xhosa) was the most prominent link between the founding fathers of the ANC in 1914 and later leaders of “The Struggle”. Yet he has been thrust aside by the ANC politicians, including President Zuma (Z as in Zulu).
Xuma’s role as a far-seeing leader, and his sophisticated battles with General Smuts, are crucial to SA history. This cross-reference records some of the details from Dr Xuma’s recently published papers.