Vanishing Places

Fly there by armchair…

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“Snapshots” of these travels

PART 1 – Centre of the World

1. Rediscovering the Lost Tribe

2. Hunting for a masked woman

3. To Samarkand – via Timbuktu

4. Riding to Khiva and violent death

5. The Snake Pit in the Ark

6. At last – the Silk Route’s azure domes

7. “For Lust of Knowing… “

8. “For Glory or for Gain”

PART II – Seas and Oceans

9. Lost at Sea

10. The Mediterranean  1

11. The Mediterranean  2

12. The Mediterranean 3

13. Encircling Cape Horn by bus and boat

14. Choosing one of Nature’s grandest views

15. Meet Mrs Nemesis and the snake with blonde hair

16. Walking with whales in Walker Bay

17. Flesh-eating flowers

PART III – Continents


18.Rajasthan’s Palace on Wheels


19. Lewis & Clark mapping USA’s future

20. Reaching their trail’s end


21. Ancient Egypt alive and well

22. Pharaonic fashion, beauty and women’s rights

23. Cycling in circles

24. Re-cycling the Isis

25. Pedalling through war


26. Introduction to travel book:
“Around the World in Search of Something on the End of Your Tongue”

Chap i. Dreamtime in the Nullabor

Chap ii Steaming into Cook

Parting “Snapshots”