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Are you getting the correct information?

Is information on the #FeesMustFall protests being censored?

These are among the vital questions of the day, while history is being made in South Africa – and in three critical events involving Trump, Brexit and Aleppo.

Can you believe what you read – let alone hear and see on the airwaves?

On the 18th of October 2016 in the South African daily Times editorial headline read: “If media lose their credibility there’ll be all hell to pay”.

In the cases of  i)  incredible ANC political corruption and
ii) in the deeds of police and protesters on university property, there are now allegations of censorship and lying on both sides. Despite what we prefer to believe – we need the truth. How can we find it?

These issues are covered – passionately, briefly, lightly and darkly – throughout two new books that look behind the news: On My Watch  and End of the Deadline. They are written  by ex-newspaper editor Harvey Tyson, who asks at the outset of the first book,  On My Watch:

“If you are  unable to trust the media… what’s the point of voting or reading anything?”